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Darzi@YourPlace operates as a reliable platform for tailors, and aspiring fashion designers to grow their businesses.

Through our web portal, you have the opportunity to build a larger network, promote your work and services, connect with new customers, and tap new markets. We serve as a bridge between customers who are looking for services and tailors or fashion designers who can provide them.

By joining Darzi@YourPlace, you can showcase your creations and skills on a free online platform and become a recognized name in the fashion industry. Through us, you can generate leads for your business, have access to new markets, receive information and knowledge about the world of fashion through our blogs, and also build your network at events that we organize. We’re an online community for fashion, and by registering with us, you can build and establish your brand.

  • Through Darzi@YourPlace customers will be able to find the top 5 tailors nearest to their location.
  • Customers can view and select tailors based on price, delivery time, and reviews.
  • After selecting the tailor of their choice, they can call the tailor to their home for measurements to be taken.
  • Tailors joining Darzi@YourPlace will have the opportunity to access new markets through us and grow their business.
  • We also provide tailors with their very own dashboards in order to track their sales and progress.
  • Darzi@YourPlace is a free platform for aspiring fashion designers, especially fashion students, to showcase their designs, and gain recognition in the fashion industry.
  • Upcoming fashion designers can sell their work through our app and gain access to new markets.
  • We organize exhibitions, and various similar events, so aspiring fashion designers can promote their work, and grow their network.
  • We provide individual dashboards for fashion designers on our website so that they can track their progress.
  • Through Darzi@YourPlace, aspiring fashion designers can build and establish their brand in the market.

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Darzi@YourPlace serves as a platform for tailors to make their skills available to the masses. Choose your favorite designs, call a tailor to your doorstep through us, and then be the owner of a made-to-measure garment. You can avail all of this without having to step out of the comfort of your home.


Darzi is a great place for all designers, both, upcoming, and also established, to proudly showcase their designs and make them available for purchase. As a regular customer, you can now get your hands on the most fashionable clothing and accessories, all at one destination.


No matter your taste, the nature of your work, nor your budget, Darzi is a platform that hosts a large variety of accessories to choose from, ranging from bags and shoes, right to home accessories.

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